Who we are

Donne Team Axieme

Axieme was born with a clear vision: bringing innovation, fairness and transparency in an industry that has been static for a long time, and which has been often misunderstood because of its rigidity.

Our company was born in Turin, Italy, with a European and international vocation. Our team is made of people with multidisciplinary skills who contribute to our development and growth: IT specialists, economists, insurers, physicists and financial advisors.
A qualified and competent team, able to combine insurance expertise with digital know-how and strategy. We have the technology to manage flows and volumes digitally and paperless, ensuring optimization and profitability with a particular attention to environment and sustainability.

Our "data driven" approach, combined with a winning Value Proposition, is able to retain customers with a distinctive approach.
We work with partners, insurance carriers and people who, just like us, have chosen to embrace progress and promote a more ethical and digital model.
Our "family" is growing more and more and today are part of it a total working experience of 238 years, knowledge of 5 languages, 12 degrees, 6 masters, 1 PhD, 4802351 lines of written code and 8424 coffees drunk.
Choosing us means innovating, while staying protected and taking advantage of our experience at the same time. Welcome to the future of insurance.

Our journey into the innovation