Unity is strength
(with our partners)

We have stated clearly our vision and values since the beginning by choosing our name ("Axieme" merges the concept of Insurance, in Italian "assicurazioni" with Together, in Italian "assieme").
Whether your goal is to develop a new business model, to offer new services to your users or to create a welfare model, let's have a chat.
Many partner have already believed in the importance of doing things together to create synergies and provide their user/communities with fair, clear and innovative insurance solutions.
Just like an African proverb states "If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together"


Axieme for the communities




Digital Community




Professional orders

Our Social Insurance model, based on the sharing and mutuality within a group, turned out being particularly suitable for communities since the beginning.

Here are some of the communities who entered in the future of insurance with us.

SisalPay has chosen to propose innovative insurance solutions to their networks of merchants.
Leveraging on the essence of community each merchant obtains convenience, personalization and transparency.


The association of freelance has chosen Axieme to provide a panel of insurance and welfare solutions to the members of their community.

The national association of professional photographers Tau Visual has at last found the best insurance solutions for its members.


The users registered to Jobby Platform are insured with us thanks to an innovative coverage supported by an API technology: an efficient and convenient solution for all the workers.

The digital community that brings together skills and knowledge to create innovative services for pharmacy and chemist's shops has chosen us to provide insurance solutions to its users.


The first home-restaurant community in Italy is insured during the organized dinners.
Every year Gnammo devolves the Giveback to Social Responsibility activities (donations to charity).
The message for the cooks is clear: less claims, more Giveback to carry out their activities.

The PuntoSemplice network allows every point of sale to become a service agency to enhance the business.
Insurance services are perfectly integrated into the range of offers, with the USP of the Giveback.
Bring your community into the future